We trust you'll join us in December as we pray together regarding positions to be filled at FBC and for God to move in our fellowship and in our lives as we continue through our study of Psalms. Prayer prompts will be texted each Monday; if you'd like to receive texts, simply text @fbcgarner to 81010.


As a chruch family, we'll join our hearts in prayer to pray for the follwoing concerns:

     -  For provision and discernment in the process of filling our worship/kids leadership positions 

     -  For another primary topic based on the sermon, event, or time of year. 


Monday, December 5

       1. Praise God for who he is, Praise Him that he already has the Candidates for us. 

       2. Lottie Moon Week of Prayer (https://www.imb.org/pray/week-of-prayer/


Monday December 12

       1. Pray that we will have open hands and hearts to the ones He will send us.

       2. Pray that the people baptized Sunday will continue to grow in their reliance on the Lord! 


Monday, December 19

       1. Thank God for the years of Leadership Beth has given us!

       2. Pray for her and the church during these days of transition!


Monday, December 26

       1. Deepen my love for you and my awe of your manger and your cross.

       2. Pray for our staff to have wisdom and clarity from God about the candidates 

           for our kids/worship ministries.