Pastor Travis will be on Sabbatical beginning Monday, May23rd and returning Monday, August 1st.   Please pray for him and Tammy during this time away.  Read his letter to the church family below.


During his time away, guest speakers will be joining us during the summer.  Find a schedule and a bio on each speaker HERE.    


Pastor Travis mentions in his letter below the Elder Led church model and wants to share with you the name of the two books he'll be reading this summer if you are interested in reading them as well. 

40 Questions and Answers about Deacons and Elders by Ben L. Merkle

Why Elders?  A Biblical and Practical Guide for Church Member by Ben L, Merkle


Letter from our Pastor....


Dear Church Family,


I am writing to share with you the plans I have for the Sabbatical time I will be taking toward the end of May.  The Personnel team has graciously approved the time that was originally planned for the summer of 2020, but was postponed due to the pandemic.  Our personnel policy currently provides a Sabbatical Rest that begins for ministry staff who have served at First Baptist for ten years.  Then every seven years ministerial staff is given additional time for physical and spiritual renewal.  I know that I speak for each of our ministers in saying how much we appreciate this opportunity to push back for a brief period, so we can spend extended time in prayer and reflection of the Lord’s work in our personal life and in our family.  In addition, it is a time to seek the Lord for future direction for the ministry area we serve.

During my sabbatical time I will be researching the Elder Led Church model found in the New Testament.  My research will include reading three books that I have selected on the topic.  In addition, I am planning to speak with other church leaders that have helped their church family transition to an Elder Led congregation.  Please pray for me and with me during this time that our Lord will provide His wisdom and guidance as I study this New Testament model of leadership.

My time away will begin Monday, May23rd and will be completed with my return Monday, August 1st.  This time is made up of 8 weeks sabbatical leave and 2 weeks of vacation, for a combined time away of 10 weeks.  I am thankful for both our staff and deacons who will be available to serve our church family in my absence.

In addition, I am excited for those who are making themselves available to preach while I am away.  During my sabbatical, those preaching will be a combination of guests and staff.  I am including with this letter the list of those preaching and the Sunday they will be preaching.  

Finally, please know that Tammy and I love you all.  We are thankful for this time and we desire your prayers.  Please pray for physical and spiritual renewal and for godly wisdom as we return to guide our fellowship in a way that pleases our Heavenly Father.


God’s blessings,

Pastor Travis