ReConnect... to Christ, to the church and to the community.

Church-wide prayer emphasis begins January 3.  Prayer promots are listed below and will be texted daily, and also made available in the weekly church email.  

To sign up for daily texts and any future FBC text alerts, text @fbcgarner to 81010.

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January Prayer Prompts


Week 1: ReCONNECT to Christ


Monday January 3rd

  • Pray for spiritual growth & revival in your life and in the life of our church family. Pray for God to shape you and mold you in His image this year.


Tuesday January 4th


  • Pray for God’s direction for you and for FBC as you trust Him to guide according to His will. 


Wednesday January 5th

  • Pray that you will listen to God’s voice and have an increasing desire to pray and spend time in Bible Study.


Thursday January 6th

  • Pray that you will use God as your standard of living and not the world. Pray for God to help you see His holiness.


Friday January 7th

  • Pray that you will be bold in faith when you can’t exactly see God’s plan, and pray for increased faith for your church family.




Week 2: ReCONNECT with the Church


Monday January 10th

  • Pray for your intentionally making disciples of Jesus Christ.


Tuesday January 11th

  • Pray for your FBC pastors and staff in equipping the body for Gospel ministry.


Wednesday January 12th

  • Pray for you and your church to have Gospel unity amid diversity—loving even those with whom we may have nothing in common with but the gospel.


Thursday January 13th

  • Pray for your participation in serving the Lord in your church


Friday January 14th

  • Pray for you to develop meaningful relationships across generations within the body of FBC





Week 3: ReCONNECT with the COMMUNITY


Monday January 17th

  • Ask God to align your heart with His vision for what He wants FBC to do in the community of Garner.


Tuesday January 18th

  • Pray that God would show you how to be a Catalyst for Him in the community in ways you cannot imagine.  


Wednesday January 19th

  • Ask God to place someone in your path today that you can share His love with.


Thursday January 20th

  • Pray for the Lord to reveal to you an opportunity to serve/volunteer in the community.


Friday January 21st

  • Pray for our community Leaders.  Consider how you could come beside them and be a light in the community of Garner.



Week 4:  ReCONNECT with Praise and Thanksgiving


Monday January 24th

  • Give praise and thanks to the Lord for being a personal and intimate God who hears and

            answers your prayers.


Tuesday January 25th

  • Give praise and thanks to your Lord for His eternal mercy and grace He has shown you.


Wednesday January 26th

  • Give praise and thanks to your Lord for the faithful work He has accomplished in your

            life and the life of our church family.


Thursday January 27th

  • Give praise and thanks to your Lord for His promised guidance and provision for you in the days ahead.


Friday January 28th

  • Give thanks and praise to the Lord for the assurance He provides you with His eternal presence.