1 Nursery worker for the 10:30 hour - Volunteers needed to serve 1 time per month. This is on a rotating basis, so it will not be the same week every month. Volunteers may volunteer quarterly if that works best with your schedule. This position requires no preparation except abilities to hold and move around with babies and love and pray for their families.


Wiggle Worship volunteers to serve at 10:30. Age Group younger and older preschool. This role will assist the main leaders. Volunteers needed once a month. This can be a quarterly volunteer position as well.

Wednesday night Nursery Volunteers to serve from 6:00 – 7:45. There is no preparation for this position. This is for the baby nursery. Volunteers can choose to serve once or twice monthly.


Check-in Volunteer 9:00 Life Group - This person sits at the front desk and welcomes regular attenders and guests on a 4 week rotation schedule. Assists with check-in. Prepares snack and is the point person to contact security if there is an emergency. Assists with clean up/pack up after service.


Substitutes for all preschool classes (Nursery, Younger Preschool, and Older Preschool 9:00 and 10:30) who can be available in emergency situations.



1 Check in volunteer – for 5th Sundays.

1 assistant teacher for Kindergarten – 1st Grade Life Group (9:00 hour).  This role is to assist the regular teacher as needed and helps in case of a child having a need. Must have a huge heart for loving kids! If you are not comfortable teaching, but would like to help, this is a great place for you. Can be weekly or bi-weekly.


Substitute Check in volunteers for KIDS and PRESCHOOL 9:00, 10:30, and Wednesday nights. This is an as needed position when the on going volunteers cannot be there.


If you are able to serve, please email Sara Beth Bedgood as soon as possible. 

Thank you for serving!