Exciting Timber East Property News!

Currently, just over seven acres are being cleared, graded, and seeded.  Once completed our church family can enjoy its use on a limited basis while we wait for the Lord's timing to begin the first building phase.  We hope to begiin using the property late spring.


Campaign Update:

Timber East Campus REVISED Estimated* Cost:        $7.8 Million
Spent to date on land preparation:                             - $700k

Leaves Estimated Build Cost:                                      $7.1 Million

E3:20 Funds on Hand After Tithes:                            - $2.2 Million

Balance:                                                                         $4.9 Million

Plan to Borrow:                                                            - $2.5 Million

Funds Needed to Build:                                              $2.4 Million


*Costs are estimates only based on current building costs and are subject to change.


Once our E320 Rise up goal has been met we can begin to finalize plans and move toward construction.   Pledge cards are now available and can be committed anytime.  


Understanding the Vision:

E3:20 is the name given to our fundraising campaign that will eventually bring to life the vision God has set before First Baptist Church Garner to expand our ministry footprint in the community by building a second campus on Timber Drive East. We believe this is a God-sized task; one that we never dreamed of until God planted this idea in the heart of our church family.

Our goal is to raise most of the funds necessary for the project while acquiring minimal debt. For those that feel led to contribute to this project, here's how to do so. First, pray. Pray that this vision remains focused on God's plan for our church and community. Second, give. You can do this during service by using the E3:20 envelopes or by clicking the "Give" button below.  For more information, you can download the E3:20 FAQ.